Pole dancing is a workout like no other.  Join us in a pole, burlesque, lap dance, chair dance, pole silks, aerial hammock or rebound bounce class to get fit, have fun and feel sexy.  You will learn to move confidently and sensuously as part of your workout.  Getting fit doesn't have to be a chore! Our Certified Pole Fitness Instructors have tailored classes for ALL fitness levels.  Our general pole classes are one hour long and held once a week for 4 weeks.  In that hour of class, you will build core strength, increase upper body muscle, tighten your tummy and tone your legs and bootie until you are fit and feeling fabulous!  One student per pole means more pole time for you,  a better workout and more fun.  Classes are for ADULTS ONLY.  No one under are 18 is allowed to participate.  Most of our classes are WOMEN ONLY but we also have  CO-ED/ALL INCLUSIVE -REGARDLESS OF GENDER IDENTITY /EXPRESSION classes at BLUSH too. Children are not allowed in the studio during class time.  The movement we teach is beautiful, intimate and challenging.  For participants comfort, we do not allow observers during our classes.  Our studio is large, bright and full of mirrors so you will be able to watch your sexy self emerge! Contact us for starting dates and times of upcoming classes or check out our schedule online.  Class size is limited so you must register in advance to secure your spot!  A non-refundable deposit is required upon registration.



LEVEL 1 - INTRO TO POLE  In this class you will learn basic pole spins, safety, transitions and floor work. We will teach you how to safely perform a dance routine from start to finish. This class has a huge giggle factor. You will overcome your shyness and feel your inner vixen just waiting to make her debut on the pole. You will find Pole Dance addictive!!             4 classes - one hour per week $99

LEVEL 2 - now that you have learned safety, basic pole & floor moves, it is time to spice it up! LEVEL 2  is about making your tricks look pretty and finding your personal dance style. Your strength is increasing and we will start to add more advanced moves and spins. You will do your first climbing and sitting on the pole in this level. Short shorts must be worn to this class. (Pre-requisite -BLUSHING) 4 classes - one hour per week $99

LEVEL 3 - it's time to strut  your stuff! Now that you have found your own personal sense of style, let your FLIRTY attitude take over! This class incorporates more sensual floor, pole and transition moves. This is where you will begin to do tricks on the pole and start to invert. You are now performing more challenging tricks and continuing to build strength. (Pre-requisite -Levels 1 and 2)  4 classes - one hour per week $99

ADVANCED  - once you've achieved ADVANCED status, the Sky's the limit! You can play at this level forever learning new and challenging pole tricks. Strengthen and maintain your core muscles. Based on your skill level, you be learning arial tricks. Your platform heels may never touch the floor! (Instructor approval required! (Pre-requisite -BLUSHING, THE SEX KITTEN, THE FLIRT) 4 classes - one hour per week $99

BURLESQUE - THE VAMP  - Gone are the inhibitions as Feather Boa's set the mood for this class! Dress up in your favorite corset, sexy skirt, stockings and heels as you VAMP up your moves to this sexy burlesque routine! Discover the Dita Von Teese within you! 4 classes - one hour per week $99

POLE FIT- SEXY, STRONG AND FABULOUSLY FLEXY - This  BLUSH class is all about FITNESS! Use the pole to get in the best shape of your life. This class is tailored for pole dancers. It target the muscles pole dancers use. It focuses on building the strength, stamina and flexibility needed to make your dance the best it can be. There will be no dancing in this class. It will be 30 minutes of sweat and hard work, mainly focused on upper body and core but you will get a full body workout in this class. 4 classes - 30 minutes per week $49

GGGB-GOOD GIRL GONE BAD: LAPDANCE and STRIPTEASE -CAUTION!! THIS IS NOT A CLASS FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! THIS AN  X-RATED LAP DANCE CLASS!!! If you are looking for a sweet, sexy lap dance class this is NOT it.  In GGGB we take off the kidd gloves and teach you an authentic strip club style lap dance and striptease. We get down and dirty, in talk and deed, as we learn how to move as an exotic dancer.  Learn the seductive tricks of the trade, how to show off your best ASSets and how to make him squirm. This class is full of frank talk and our naughtiest moves. Please be warned that if you join us for this sexy class you may be asked to leave your comfort zone! We approach this class with humor but NO JOKE, the dance you learn will have his jaw hitting the floor.  THIS IS OUR NAUGHTIEST CLASS, it may just have you BLUSHING.  After teaching you a few dirty little secrets and lending a little encouragement we think you will leave this class feeling confident, powerful, feminine, desireable and most of all SEXY!!!                                                                       

 This is not a fitness class but will be a bit physical. Please wear heels. Dress for this class is leggings or yoga pants and a tank top or fitted t-shirt. Please bring an extra bra, shirt, skirt or shorts and a thong or panties to strip off (we will wear these over the clothes you wear into class). There is absolultely no nudity at BLUSH!! 4 classes - one hour per week $99

POLE SILKS - In this class Fabric is hung from our spinning poles. We perform dance and aerial tricks wrapped in this beautiful material. This dance is flowy and elegant. Pole silks build an entirely different set of strength.  Join us  for this fun, challenging class. 4 classes - one hour per week $99

BOUNCE REBOUND (On hold )- This class is an aerobic workout! We wear rebound boots to bounce our way to a healthier, more fit life. This class is a half hour of fun and sweat! We turn up the music and bounce to it. We provide the rebound boots, all you have to do is show up ready to get a good workout! 4 classes - 30 minutes per week $49

CO-ED POLE DANCE AND FITNESS -Pole isn't a women only sport.  At BLUSH we welcome men to join us in our CO-ED class. Come and test your strength and flexibily on our poles.  Our fun CO-ED class welcomes both men and women to build their pole skills. 4  classes - one hour per week $99

FLEXY FLY STRETCH-  In this unique class we will use AERIAL INVERSION HAMMOCKS and PLEXUS WHEELS to increase flexibility & strength in your back, shoulders, hips, legs and core. The goal of this class is to relieve stress, tension, increase flexibility, range of motion and overall movement. 

“FLEXY FLY” uses the ultimate inversion tool, the AERIAL INVERSION HAMMOCK, with its tri-handle set for hundreds of exercises. The hammock helps you to move more freely, with less effort, by counteracting gravity. Suspension in the air releases tension on the bones and muscles, increasing flexibility and deepening your stretches. The PLEXUS WHEEL will open your chest, shoulders, back and hips with ease. The wheel supports your poses allowing you a safe and deeper stretch. Balance and core strength are inhanced using both the hammock and the wheel. This is a fun stretch class that will change your backbends forever, giving you less pain, more flexibility while balancing upper body and core strength. 

Our "FLEXY FLY" Stretch class will help you meet your flexibility goals, relieve stress and help relieve back and shoulder pain caused by muscle tightness.  4 classes-one hour per week $99

TOO HOT FOR TRICKS-EXOTIC DANCE & FLOOR WORK - Turn your basic looking moves  into sexy,  exotic dance.   Slither and slide across the floor and move around the pole in a seductive motion as you learn slow, sexy, sultry movement.  Learn Exotic Style Choreography and get ready for an unbelievable workout!   (60 min class  4 classes-one hour per week $99





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