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I've never take a class like this before, what fitness level is required?
No experience is necessary; BLUSH Pole Fitness & Dance is designed for ALL women.
Regardless of size, age or fitness level we have a class suitable for you. All 4-week session classes work
at a level you are comfortable with. However, you will need to complete each level before moving onto the
next; some women may also want to repeat levels of the same course until they have mastered the
movements and feel comfortable moving on to more challenging levels.

What are the class sizes?
BLUSH Pole Fitness & Dance
is the only studio in the Milwaukee and surrounding area that
offers each student their own pole during fitness classes. Our studio is large, offering
a lot of room to workout! Minimum class size is 5 students, but we can accommodate up to 10 students
per class. Larger groups are welcome when groups are willing to share a pole.

What do I wear to class?
This is a fitness class so come in comfortable workout clothes. It is helpful to wear fitted clothes and
no lotion or hand jewelry. For beginners we recommend that you wear long pants to make your initial spins
more comfortable. Once you are more advanced you can wear shorts for stability and inversioeginners we recommend that you wear long pants to make your initial spins
more comfortable. Once you are more advanced you can wear shorts for stability and inversions. Experiment
with what works best for you. What's most important is that you feel comfortable.
There is absolutely NO NUDITY in our classes.

Are people allowed to view the classes?
Absolutely not, we respect the privacy of our students. We have a lounge area for students; however,
visitors and children are not permitted in the studio during class time.

Is there a weight restriction, do I need to be thin?
You definitely don't need to be thin. You'll find women of all shapes and sizes in these class.
The recommended capacity of the poles for spins and lifts is approximately 225 lbs.

What if I'm shy?
Many women are shy when they start. However, it doesn't take long before everyone lets their
inhibitions go. Our studios provide women with a private, safe, fun and supportive environment to
explore their sensual side. We also offer private lessons with one-on-one instruction.

What is your missed class and cancellation policy?
Because class sizes are limited, ALL deposits and payments are non-refundable.

  1. For all classes and workshops, we ask that you give us 48 HOURS NOTICE if you are unable to attend. We will work with you to find another day/time or put your money toward another class.
  2. For weekly sessions, you will be charged the full amount of your class fee ($70) if you miss your first class WITHOUT 24 HOURS advanced notice.
  3. Any missed classes within the 4-week session can be made up by arranging with the Instructor to participate in another same level class if it is available on a different day/time. We will do everything we can to help you make up your missed class but we cannot guarantee there will be open spots in other classes.
  4. Making up a missed class must be completed BEFORE your 4-week session is over or they will be lost.
  5. For private parties, all deposits and payments are non-refundable. Because we turn other people away for the date you secured, if you DO NOT give us 72 HOURS NOTICE that you are canceling the party or do not show up for your party your host credit card will be charged the full minimum party rate of $240.

What about weekend workshops?
Weekend workshops are 1.5 hour classes typically held on a Saturday or Sunday.
Workshop class schedule TBD - Call or email for class schedule.

Can I sign up for classes now?
Absolutely! Drop us an email or call for a list of available classes! We strongly recommend that
you reserve your spot as soon as possible, as many of our classes will fill up quickly!

Can I purchase BLUSH Pole Fitness & Dance apparel?
Yes, absolutely! Our apparel is available for purchase. Apparel styles and prices are on
display at the studio. Call or email us for more information.

I am interested in buying a dance pole to put in my home. Can I purchase a pole from you?
Yes! We use Lil’Mynx and X-Poles in our studio and we can offer you a variety of pole
choices to fit your home and fitness needs. Contact us for additional information.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.



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