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Class Information

Classes are held:

Monday - Thursday, Saturday & Sunday

Pole dancing is a workout like no other.
Join us in a burlesque, pole or chair dance class to get fit, have fun and feel sexy, all while learning to move
confidently and sensuously. Our Certified Pole Fitness Instructors have tailored classes for ALL fitness levels.

Our general pole classes are one hour long and held once a week for 4 weeks. In that hour of class, you will
build core strength, increase upper body muscle, tighten your tummy, tone your legs and bootie until you are fit
and feeling fabulous! We are the only studio in the Milwaukee and the surrounding area to provide a workout
pole for each class participant. More pole time for you means a better workout and more fun.

Our trainers have been taught by the best certified Pole Fitness Instructors in the business.
Their certification training is supported by the American College of Sports Medicine and provides
CEC's for the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America and the American Council on Exercise.

Classes are for ADULTS ONLY. No one under age 18 is allowed to participate.
Children are not allowed in the studio during class time.

The movement we teach is beautiful, intimate and challenging. For participants comfort,
we do not allow observers during our classes. On special occasions you may be allowed to ask a
guest to a voluntary demonstration of your newly learned dance skills. This will be totally up to
you whether you would like to participate in such an activity.

Our studio is large, bright and full of mirrors so you will be able to watch your sexy self emerge!

Classes are located at
7701 W. Greenfield Ave., West Allis, WI 53214
(Across from WI State Fair Park)

Classes are currently held on Monday thru Thursday and Saturday.
Contact us for starting dates and times of upcoming classes or check out our schedule on the News and Events Page.

Class size is limited so you must register in advance to secure your spot!
A non-refundable deposit is required upon registration.

Explore your sexy side with us. Let your inhibitions go.
Your self esteem and confidence will be bursting after just a few classes.
Many woman have come to feel physically and emotionally transformed.
Getting fit has never been so much fun. You will come away with a sexy body and an attitude to match.
This is girl power at it's finest!

We have a passion for pole dancing and we believe, if you join us, you will find that passion too.

Classes offered by
BLUSH Pole Fitness & Dance:

Must have a minimum of 5 participants to hold a class

LEVEL 1 - BLUSHING: Introduction to Pole Dancing (pre-requisite to all other BLUSH classes) - An orientation integrating Mind, Body and Pole. In this class you will learn basic pole spins, safety, transitions and floor work. We will teach you how to safely perform a dance routine from start to finish. This class has a huge giggle factor. You will overcome your shyness and feel your inner vixen just waiting to make her debut on the pole. You will find Pole Fitness addictive!!
4 sessions - one hour per week $70


LEVEL 2 - THE SEX KITTEN - now that you have learned safety, basic pole & floor moves, it is time to spice it up! THE SEX KITTEN is about making your tricks look pretty and finding your personal dance style. Your strength is increasing and we will start to add more advanced moves and spins. (Pre-requisite -BLUSHING)
4 sessions - one hour per week $70


LEVEL 3 - THE FLIRT - your inner vixen has arrived and she is ready to strut her stuff! Now that you have found your own personal sense of style, let your FLIRTY attitude take over! This class incorporates more sensual floor, pole and transition moves. This is where you will begin to climb and sit on the pole. You are now performing more challenging tricks and continuing to build strength. (Pre-requisite -BLUSHING & THE SEX KITTEN)
4 sessions - one hour per week $70


ADVANCED - THE VIXEN - once you've achieved VIXEN status, the Sky's the limit! You can play at this level forever learning new, very challenging pole tricks. Strengthen and maintain your core muscles. Based on your skill level, you may learn climbing, inversions and arial tricks. Your platform heels may never touch the floor! (Instructor approval required! (Pre-requisite -BLUSHING, THE SEX KITTEN, THE FLIRT)
4 sessions - one hour per week $70


BURLESQUE - THE VAMP - Gone are the inhibitions as Feather Boa's set the mood for this class! Dress up in your favorite corset, sexy skirt, stockings and heels as you VAMP up your moves to this sexy burlesque routine! Discover the Gypsy Rose Lee within you!
4 sessions - one hour per week $70


TEMPT AND TEASE - Chair dance -Your self confidence is flying high! This class is about attitude and sensual moves. It's time to learn a lap dance! Get ready to steam up the studio in this sexy class! Shorts and heels are hot accessories. Wear layers to this class because we will be practicing the art of Striptease. (No Pre-requisite)
4 sessions - one hour per week $70


SEXY, STRONG AND FABULOUSLY FLEXY (POLE FITNESS) - This new BLUSH class is all about FITNESS! Use the pole to get in the best shape of your life. This class is tailored for pole dancers. It target the muscles pole dancers use. It focuses on building the strength, stamina and flexibility needed to make dance the best it can be. There will be no dancing in this class. It will be 30 minutes of sweat and hard work, mainly focused on upper body and core but you will get a full body workout in this class. 4 sessions - 30 minutes per week $40


GOOD GIRL GONE BAD: Lap and Striptease Class.
CAUTION!! THIS IS NOT A CLASS FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! THIS IS OUR X-RATED LAP DANCE CLASS!!! If you ar looking for a sweet, sexy lap dance class this is NOT it (we have that, too - check out Tempt and Tease listed above). in GOOD GIRL GONE BAD we take off the kidd gloves and teach you an authentic strip club style lap dance and striptease. We get down and dirty, in talk and deed, as we learn how to move as an exotic dancer. Learn the seductive tricks of the trade, how to show off your best ASSets and how to make him squirm. This class if full of frank talk and our naughtiest moves. Please be warned that if you join us for tthis sexy class you may be askd to leave your comfort zone! We approach this class with humor but NO JOKE, the dance you learn will have his jaw hitting the floor. THIS IS OUR NAUGHTIEST CLASS, it may lave you BLUSHING but after teaching you a few dirty little secrets and lending a little encouragement we think you will leave this class feeling confident, powerful, feminine, desireable and most of all SEXY!!!

Join us for GOOD GIRLS GONE BAD and we will focus on the details to make our dance and our bodies appear sexy and desireable. These are the tricks dancers use in strip clubs. Remember, this class is NAUGHTY, please come ready to laugh and have fun and also ready to be a bit of a dirty girl. This class is about SENSUALITY WITHOUT SHAME. This is not a fitness class but will be a bit physical. Please wear heels. Dress for this class is leggings or yoga pants and a tank top or fitted t-shirt. Please bring an extra bra, shirt, skirt or shorts and thong panty to strip off (we will wear these over the clothes you wear in). There is absolultely no nudity at blush!! Four week class. Cost $70


Let Me Make You BLUSH! HOT! HOT! HOT! Weekend Pole Dance Workshop! This 90 minute teaser workshop combines several elements of the art of Exotic Dance. Pole Dance, Floorwork and Wall Dance will be woven together in a sexy dance routine. You will strut in your heels, slink on our walls, slither on our floor and spin around our poles working your way through a sensual dance. Each student will get plenty of pole time during this sassy workshop as there are no more than 2 people to a pole. We will have you feeling sexy and sassy as you learn a routine that would leave an audience blushing. A sexy attitude is a must when participating in this workshop!! (No Pre-requiste for this workshop). One 90-minute session.Cost $45

*Note: Each student will have their own pole during all regular weekly based pole classes


What to wear and bring to class:

*There is absolutely NO NUDITY in our classes.

*No lotions or oils on hands or body should be worn to class.

*If possible, avoid wearing your rings to prevent pinching your fingers.

*Exercise clothing is what we recommend you to wear to our classes. Nothing too loose fitting. Initially, we recommend you wear workout pants. (i.e. yoga pants)

*You may workout in tennis shoes or bare feet. For a more challenging leg workout
(and just because it's fun and sexier) we recommend you bring along a pair of high heels.

*Bringing along a yoga mat and/or knee pads will make you more comfortable while participating in floor work.

*This is a physical class, you should bring a bottle of water.


BLUSH Pole Fitness & Dance, LLC
(414) 651-2830 or (262) 844-1411
7701 W. Greenfield Ave., West Allis, WI 53214
(Across from WI State Fair Park)

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